Bereavement charities and organisations

Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult for anybody, no matter what the situation. 

But what's sometimes even more difficult to deal with is the circumstances of the loss.

Often people who've lost somebody under tough circumstances feel they're alone, with nobody to talk to who understands.

However, there are various charities and organisations that support people who are dealing with specific incidents of loss.

The charities and organisations offer advice and information, and many have local groups set up for people to meet others who are going through similar experiences, helping to eliminate feelings of isolation and instead bringing assistance and comfort.

Take a look at the support options available to you and click on the links for further information.

Bereavement Support

Please be aware that although these are recognised charities offering bereavement services we encourage and support, we don’t have any direct relationships with them, meaning any advice given is at their own discretion.

For more information and support, pop into your local funeral home. You can find their contact details here.